Wines, beer and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage trade show

Within the trade fair, the exhibiting companies have the possibility to launch new products and equipment, to organize tastings, competitions and demonstrations, benefiting from an adequate platform and a specialist public.

By organizing this event, ROMEXPO wants to support the companies that operate in the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages industry, facilitating the discovery and entry on new markets.

• Wines (white wine, red wine, rose wine)
• Sparkling wine obtained according to the traditional Champenoise recipe (coarse, dry, medium-dry, medium-sweet)
• Refreshing drinks (juices, fruit concentrates, mineral water)
• Alcoholic beverages (vermouth, tuica, natural brandy, distilled drinks made of wine, whisky, gin, vodka, liqueurs, rum etc.)
• Energy drinks
• Beer and ingredients for beer manufacturing
• Chemical products for viticulture
• Equipment & technologies for the beverage industry
• Machines and equipment for washing recipients and for bottling beverages
• Beverage packaging
• Specialized publications

EXPO DRINK  2018 will take place in the same period with with INDAGRA AND INDAGRA FOOD.